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All I Am Is Theatre.

My name is Maddi, and I'm just a teenager trying to find her place in this world, and while trying to find my nook, I become creatively charged, then I post the pictures that flow inside my head onto my blog. I have a love for books that's unconditional. Anime has a soft place in my heart too. I'm just a miserable girl who loves owls, academics, botany, and painting. This is my personal random blog, so this blog doesn't have a central theme. Message me!

if you know what's going on in ferguson and you're white

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AMEN HUNTY!!!!!!!!! 

Warning: This is a long post that contains my fury and disgust. If you read this, thank you…

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I think everyone (mostly) has heard of the incident happening in Ferguson, Missouri. I haven’t made a comment, or a status about this because I like to keep out of popular issues. It’s less drama that way..but when a boy MY AGE is WEAPONLESS, and DEFENSELESS, and COMPLIANT TO POLICE AUTHORITY is GUNNED DOWN, I tend to take notice. 
     You can tell from my profile picture that I am a middle class, white female. What you don’t realize is that I grew up completely surrounded by racial discrimination due to the fact I live in Kentucky. My grandmother always warned be about “the blacks” and never EVER to talk to them. From a young age I never believed that people, no matter their skin color, could be different from one another. From a VERY young age, I studied science and I was STILL confused. We’re 99% EQUAL. We’re ALL Homo Sapiens. We ALL bleed red blood. And like many other modern Americans, I thought this bullshit with the racism was over and done with in the modern world. I mean for Christ’s sake, we have an African American President! I would have NEVER thought that in these last few years that black citizens were being falsely accused and gunned down because a white man says they had a gun, was selling drugs, was threatening the shooter, etc. I have never heard of a cop shooting a suspect dead and NOT GIVING AN EXPLANATION. Even with Trayvon Martin they gave an explanation. 

     What floors me even more is that when Mike Brown’s friend who was walking with him came out with his testimony, that Mike had his hands up, being compliant to the police and HE WAS STILL SHOT EXECUTION STYLE. Mike Brown’s body was given an autopsy and his blood contents tested, and we still don’t have toxicology reports, but why only test the victim AND WHY NOT THE MANIAC WHO SHOT HIM AN UNNECESSARY AMOUNT OF TIMES? Why!? And police brutality is not only toward citizens. They are also being cruel to reporters, protesters, etc. This is ridiculous! America was birthed on the belief that ALL men are equal. ALL. NO MATTER WHAT TONE OF YOUR SKIN IS. NO MATTER WHAT SEXUALITY YOU EXPRESS. NO MATTER WHAT GOD YOU BELIEVE IN. For THIS to be happening IN MODERN TIMES and for a community to be so segregated, it’s disgusting. It is true that we do not know the entire story, but from testimony and pending bullet trajectory reports, Mike Brown was shot execution style, possibly on his knees. What is even MORE appalling is that the police AREN’T SPEAKING. If the police would release a statement, no matter how bullshitty it is, it would help America understand this terrible situation happening in this small town.

       NO ONE is above the law, not even the police. NO ONE deserves to be shot defenseless in the street with no explanation. NO ONE deserves to be discriminated against. We are ALL related to each other and we are ALL the same. We’re all human. We’re all equal. 

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why couldn’t god have taken robin thicke instead

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reblog if your URL is an original.


you didn’t steal it from anyone neither made it look 99.9% similar to someone to get followers.



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this is a real song. i’m cringing 

"…and the weight of the earth is pressed to my ribs."

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do you ever see your face from a different angle and have a mental breakdown

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xx xy on We Heart It.


xx xy on We Heart It.

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